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This is where you’ll find information about our legal policies and how they apply to you. The documents linked below collectively form our standard terms of use (the “Terms”). It’s important that you make yourself aware of these Terms and agree to them before using any of our websites, products, or services.

Here you will find the more general terms and conditions (the “Terms”) that apply to your use of our products and services, including how to communicate with us, how to manage your accounts, our anti-money laundering and anti-fraud policies, and our intellectual property rights.
You can find out more about each jurisdiction under Governing laws and jurisdiction. To find out more about the products offered by each of the above companies, please visit the Service Offering section below.

These Terms are available in several languages and we have sought to provide a faithful translation from the English and Hindi version. In the event of any difference in meaning between the English and Hindi version on the Setup Mastery website and any other languages, the English and Hindi version shall prevail

It is your responsibility as you access Setup Mastery to make sure that you understand and fully follow the relevant laws and regulations of your own country. We do not support any offerings or make any solicitations that are illegal in your country, and you cannot use your Deriv account for such prohibited offerings. In some countries, we may not be permitted to offer our products and services to you unless you have taken proactive steps to solicit information about them and requested to be provided with our products and services. Access to Setup Mastery only for Training and Guiding the offering of certain trades via Deriv may be also restricted in some jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to know about the restrictions that apply in your country of residence and to observe them, as in continuing to access our products and services you represent to us that you are doing so legally and that, where relevant, you have solicited information about our products and services and requested to be provided with them. Depending on where you live, your account will be governed by the laws of the country of incorporation of the company that your account is registered with as set out in Clause below. If you have registered more than one account with more than one company, each account will be governed by the law of the country of incorporation of the company that each individual account has been registered. You agree to submit to the applicable jurisdiction’s courts and bring any claim you may have before them. These courts will have sole authority to settle any disputes that may arise between you and us.

You can contact us via our website, email, mobile applications, online chat, or telephone. Contact details can be found on the Contact Us page of our website.

1.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you are able to receive the emails we send you.
2.  You have read the Terms in full and have understood that you will be buying and selling trades subject to the Terms.
3.  You have read our Security and privacy statement and are aware of how we process information.
4.  You are acting only for your own benefit and not for any other person or on behalf of anyone else.
5.  You are over 18 years old.
6.  You agree to allow your information to be used for Marketing Purposes.
7.  Funds that originate from criminal activity shall not be accepted.
8.  We will report suspicious transactions to any relevant authorities.
9.  You must complete the account opening form and provide all requested details to establish your identity, such as valid identification, address, email address, and personal telephone number.
10.  You must register personally.
11.  You shall not hold or pool third-party Learning in your MSM account.
12.  You shall not sell, transfer, and/or give your account to any other person.
13.  You shall not acquire any Setup Mastery account from any other person.
14.  We may use the personal information that you provide to conduct anti-fraud checks.
15. the  personal information that you provide may be disclosed to identity verification, credit reference, or fraud prevention agency, which may keep a record of that information.
16.  Your telephone conversations and/or electronic communications related to your use of Setup Mastery may be recorded. These recordings may be used for anti-fraud purposes in accordance with our Security and privacy policy.
17.  You warrant and represent to be fully and personally responsible for settling every knowledge into which you enter through your account with us. You are responsible for ensuring that you alone control access to your account and that no minors are granted access Knowledge to the setupmastery.com website. You remain fully liable for any and all Online Courses on your account and for any credit card or other transactions entered into through the setupmastery.com website for your account. You agree to indemnify us against any and all costs and losses of any kind whatsoever that we may incur as a direct or indirect result of your failure to perform or settle any such transaction entered into through the setupmastery.com website.
18.  You are responsible for compensating us for any costs and losses that we might incur or bear as a result of your failure to comply with any of your obligations mentioned in these Terms. This includes indemnifying us against any costs that arise through the enforcement of any of our rights under the Terms.
19.  Any instance where we believe that your activity on Setup Mastery may breach any laws, regulations, instruments, ordinances, or rules that govern the operation of any exchange, financial market, or the financial regulatory environment or where you make any false or misleading representation to us breaching Clause.
20.  Any instance where legal authorities, law enforcement agencies, or regulators approach or contact us with a request preventing us from offering our services to you.
21.  Any instance where we may suffer any pecuniary, fiscal, or regulatory disadvantage because of your activities on Setup Mastery.
22.  If any of the parties fail to meet its obligations under the Terms because of a force majeure event, that party shall not be considered liable.
23.  Copying and distributing such materials for non-commercial purposes are allowed only with our express written permission on a limited basis provided that each copy of the material remains intact.
24.  We own all intellectual property rights in, and to all, Setup Mastery businesses, information, technology, and other proprietary materials, including but not limited to the setupmastery.com website and Services (including but not limited to all software, concepts, methodologies, techniques, models, templates, algorithms, trade secrets, processes, information, materials, source codes, structure, sequence, organization, images, text, graphics, illustrations, data, and know-how contained therein, all modifications, alterations, updates, upgrades, and enhancements thereof, all documentation and manuals related thereto, and all other aspects of such technology or product) or their MSM, the name of Setup Mastery or any of its MSM, and any other names and logos and all related product and service names, design marks and slogans, trademarks (whether registered or not) which we own or control and make available to you through our website or otherwise. This intellectual property is under Copyright Setup Mastery 2021 with all rights reserved, and the word ‘Setup Mastery’ and MSM logo are registered trademarks.
25.  Copying and distributing such materials for non-commercial purposes are allowed only with our express written permission on a limited basis provided that each copy of the material remains intact.
26.  To copy or redistribute such materials for commercial purposes or for compensation of any kind you must: (a) obtain our prior written permission and (b) make sure that all copies include the following notice in a clearly visible position: ‘Copyright Setup Mastery 2021. All rights reserved.
27.  We have a general duty to conduct our business with you honestly, fairly, and professionally and to act in your best interests.
28.  We may impose certain rules and restrictions on the placing of market orders on Setup Mastery Coaching. Such rules may change from time to time according to market conditions and other factors.
29.  Setup Mastery might provide you with written information from time to time by publishing it on our website or in any other way. We make no warranties as to the accuracy of this information. This information shall under no circumstances constitute or contain any investment advice or recommendations from us.
30.  If you are employed in the banking and/or finance sector, you must not conduct trades through Setup Mastery unless your employer is aware of your trading and the practice does not contravene your employer’s policies.31. We have the right to suspend our services or terminate or reverse any Training in any circumstances where we, at our sole discretion, decide that prices may not be accurate, or cannot otherwise be determined. These situations include, but are not limited to the following.
31.  We have the right to suspend our services or terminate or reverse any Training in any circumstances where we, at our sole discretion, decide that prices may not be accurate, or cannot otherwise be determined. These situations include, but are not limited to the following.
32.  If we determine that a price cannot be calculated for the Course.
33.  When any means of communication normally used in determining the price or value of any of the Courses we offer breaks down.
34.  When we decide that the price or value of any of the contracts we offer cannot be quickly or accurately determined.
35.  When there is an error in Training software or any other IT system.
36.  We aim to establish, maintain, and operate effective organizational and administrative arrangements to ensure that we take all reasonable steps to prevent any conflicts of interest.
37.  Due to the high degree of risk involved, which could result in the loss of your entire investment, we have adequate internal procedures in place to make sure that you are in all cases treated fairly and that the risk of damage to your interests is reduced.
38.  Employing information barriers.
39.  Physical separation of staff.
40.  Maintaining a policy of independence, which requires our staff to act in your best interests and disregard any conflicts of interest when providing you with our services, or in some circumstances to decline to act for you or a potential client in order to avoid conflicts of interest.
41.  You understand that our digital options, spread options, and multipliers trades are offered under the following limitations.
42.  During periods of high volatility (very fast market movements), digital options, spread options, and multipliers trades may be offered at prices more unfavorable to you than those offered under usual market conditions.
43.  We do not guarantee the ability to sell a digital options trade or a spread options trade prior to its expiration time.
44.  What you’re agreeing to when you sign up to use Setup Mastery.
45.  This Business Development Series is valid for Lifetime. Rs.33,999/- Discount Price Will Be Depend On Company

Risk Disclosure

Here you will find the terms and conditions that specifically deal with the risks you may be exposed to by trading online and, in particular, by engaging in different trades (the “Risk Terms”).

A) Our services are provided on an execution-only basis. Setup Mastery will never give you financial or investment advice. The only purpose of providing information on our setupmastery.com website is to help you and other traders to make independent investment decisions.
B) Using an internet-based trading system always involves risks; for example, the failure of hardware, software, and internet connection. Setup Mastery does not control signal power, its reception or routing via the internet, the configuration of your equipment, or the reliability of its connection, and we shall not be held responsible for any communication failures, distortions, or delays during online trading.
C) The decision to open an account and use our products and services is entirely yours. It is important that you understand the risks involved, have adequate investment resources to bear such risks and monitor your positions carefully. You should make careful, considered, and independent decisions, both when joining Deriv and while trading.
D) The services offered on Setup Mastery are only suitable for you if you can afford to bear the loss of all the money you invest through Deriv and if you understand and have experienced the risks involved in such trades. International currency or commodity prices are highly volatile and difficult to predict. Therefore, no trade purchased in our system can be considered a safe trade, irrespective of whether the payout exceeds the premium amount or not.
E) When you trade, you are exposed to the performance of the underlying or reference instrument or asset to which the trade refers, including Synthetic indices, which have their own features and risks. You should make sure you understand these risks before trading with us.
F) Please note that prices in the market can change very quickly, so the execution price may not necessarily be instantly visible once your order has been filled.
G) You are responsible for managing your tax and legal affairs, including making any required regulatory filings and/or payments and complying with any applicable laws and regulations. We do not provide any regulatory, tax, or legal advice. If you are in any doubt about the tax treatment or liabilities of the products available on Setup Mastery, please seek independent advice.
H) Unless stated otherwise in the supplementary terms, we execute all the orders we receive from you as the counterparty to your trades. We shall act as a principal and not as an agent on your behalf for the purpose of order execution. You agree that over time, we may earn money out of your potential aggregate loss.
I) It is your responsibility to check what rules and protections apply in your relevant jurisdiction before investing and/or trading in virtual currency and/or trading on CFDs relating to virtual currency.
J) The prices of the underlying instrument that digital options, spread options, and multipliers trades refer to may fluctuate rapidly and over wide ranges. These fluctuations may be caused by unforeseeable events or changes in conditions that neither you nor we can control. You may lose the entire sum that you have invested.
K) Pursuant to our licensing condition, we act as an agent on your behalf when we execute your orders, and we are not the counterparty to your trades.
L) We conduct proper due diligence on all liquidity providers and ensure that the venues we use are regulated by a recognized supervisory or regulatory authority.
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